Valmalenco, escape the chaos of the city, and enjoy a peaceful stay close to nature ...

Valmalenco is a valley perpendicular to Valtellina valley, 15km from Sondrio. Thanks to its wide open spaces and remarkably untouched natural surroundings, Valmalenco is the joy of mountain lovers and people in search of tranquillity.

Trekking, climbing and skiing are only some of the multiple activities available in Valmalenco; every season will offer different ways of spending the day such as trekking or simply sunbathing peacefully.

With its remarkable natural surroundings, Valmalenco is also famous for its mountain huts scattered all around the valley. There you can find great hospitality and healthy cuisine full of local products. If you do not feel like trekking at high altitude, the main village offers plenty of recreational activities: tennis courts, soccer fields, a swimming pool, a fitness centre, health centres, a skiing resort, climbing walls, and many more.